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Hung Hom

The Whampoa -Site 9 黃埔天地 -第九期

About this building

The Whampoa -Site 9 (黃埔天地 -第九期) is located at 8 Tak Fung Street (德豐街) in Hung Hom district. This is a building for Retail & Semi-Retail use, offering a range of retail & semi-retail property spaces that suit various business needs. The The Whampoa -Site 9 (黃埔天地 -第九期) is a part of the Whampoa Garden (黃埔花園) complex that consists of 8 major sections, including The Whampoa -Site 2 (Fashion World), The Whampoa -Site 6, The Whampoa -Site 3 (Pebbles World), The Whampoa -Site 12 (Home World), The Whampoa -Site 11 (Treasure World), The Whampoa -Site 4, and The Whampoa -Site 1 (Amazing World) (黃埔天地 -第二期 (時尚坊),黃埔天地 -第六期 (黃埔號),黃埔天地 -第三期 (百寶坊),黃埔天地 -第十二期 (家居庭),黃埔天地 -第十一期 (聚寶坊),黃埔天地 -第四期,和黃埔天地 -第一期 (奇妙坊)). This building is accessible by alighting at Whampoa (黃埔) MTR train station.

For air-conditioning, this building mainly uses central air-conditioning during business hours from 10:00-22:00 for Monday to Friday, 10:00-22:00 for Saturday, and Sunday / public holiday is between 10:00-22:00. Additional independent air-conditioning for flexible business hours may be possible, subject to technicality and space availability.

Building data

Car parking
Nearest MTR station
Central A/C
General usage
Retail & Semi-Retail


8  Tak Fung Street  Hung Hom

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