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*Price/Rent in Hong Kong Dollars unless otherwise stated. *Rental exclude management fee, air-conditioning fee, Government rates, land rent, etc. Other fees and payments may be required. *Standard agent service fee is 0.5 month of monthly rent, and selling transaction is 1% of property consideration. *Inclusion subject to contract. *View and renovation fittings are for reference only, all parties should inspect the property themselves (where applicable). *Service fees are subject to change and periodic review without prior notice. *Usage does not depict information as stated on the relevant OP. All parties should seek legal and/or professional advice in relation to their intended specific use of the property, if necessary. *Size quoted in square foot unless otherwise stated. There is no standardised or commonly adopted definition of any description of floor area in the market for non-residential properties. The size and floor area information has not been verified by the licensee. All parties should inspect the property and take measurements themselves (where applicable) and/or seek legal and/or professional advice regarding the floor area information of the property, if necessary.

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