One International Finance Centre

One International Finance Centre


1 Harbour View Street


Rental Proposal

Floor Zone: Low Floor

Rent: HK$ 150 psf / HK$ 1,536,600 mth

Size: 10,244 sq.ft










HK$ 150 psf / HK$ 1,536,600 mth

Other Fees

Management Fee

HK$ 14 psf / HK$ 141,367 mth

Government Rates

HK$ 92,196 mth

Stamp Duty

Rent HK$ 92,196 / 0.5%

Security Deposit

HK$ 4,609,800 up


Ongoing Utility / Telecommunication / Insurance / Government Rent / Once off Legal Fee / Agency Fee / Design & Renovation / and others.

Reference No: 1053513

Date: 03/06/2024


Map and Street View

Building Information

More Detail

One International Finance Centre (國際金融中心1期) is a grade-A building located at 1 Harbour View Street (港景街) in Central district. This is a 37-storeys building for Office use, offering a range of office property spaces that suit various business needs. Floor size is typically 21000 sq. ft. (or approx. 1951 m2). The One International Finance Centre (國際金融中心1期) is a part of the International Finance Centre (國際金融中心) complex that consists of 3 major sections, including Two International Finance Centre, and IFC Mall (國際金融中心2期,和國際金融中心商場). This building is accessible by alighting at Central (中環) MTR train station. For air-conditioning, this building mainly uses central air-conditioning during business hours from 08:00-19:00 for Monday to Friday, 08:00-13:00 for Saturday. Additional independent air-conditioning for flexible business hours may be possible, subject to technicality and space availability. Serviced Office options are available in One International Finance Centre, featuring The Executive Centre (德事商務中心) offering a range of serviced office (business centre / co-working) packages for businesses who prefer renting an office space in flexible terms, sizes, and pay-per-use add-on services. Other Information:- Locate at the heart of Hong Kong’s central business district, IFC complex is among the highest recognizable mega structure in Hong Kong, comprises of One IFC, Two IFC, IFC shopping centre, and the Four Season Hotel. This prestigious business location is headquarters to world-class businesses, such as UBS AG, Bank of Singapore, ING Bank N.V., State Street Bank & Trust Co., and Hong Kong Monetary Authority. With almost 3 million square feet of prime business office space and an unusually large floor plates, One and Two IFC are great for global financial investment companies, private clients asset management, banks, and worldwide corporates.

Built : 1998
District : Central
Car Parking : No Car Parking
MTR Station : Central
Air Conditioning : Central A/C
Typical Floor Size : 21,000 sq.ft

What’s available for this building

2,928 sq.ft
HK$ 1,536,600 /month
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4,967 sq.ft
HK$ 1,536,600 /month
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15,211 sq.ft
HK$ 1,536,600 /month
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19,768 sq.ft
HK$ 1,536,600 /month
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7,081 sq.ft
HK$ 1,536,600 /month
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200 persons
HK$ 1,536,600 /person/month
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Transaction Records

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Date Floor Area Status Price
2024-03-04 Low Floor 3,731 sq.ft Leased HK$150 psf /
HK$ 559,650 mth
2023-08-31 High Floor 16,247 sq.ft Leased HK$150 psf /
HK$ 2,437,050 mth
2023-04-04 High Floor 16,518 sq.ft Leased HK$170 psf /
HK$ 2,808,060 mth
2022-08-11 Mid Floor 3,766 sq.ft Leased HK$170 psf /
HK$ 640,220 mth
2022-06-01 Low Floor 4,557 sq.ft Leased HK$170 psf /
HK$ 774,690 mth
2020-01-31 Low Floor 3,731 sq.ft Leased HK$185 psf /
HK$ 690,235 mth
2019-12-04 Low Floor 4,557 sq.ft Leased HK$185 psf /
HK$ 843,045 mth
2019-10-03 Low Floor 6,135 sq.ft Leased HK$185 psf /
HK$ 1,134,975 mth
2018-05-02 High Floor 2,966 sq.ft Leased HK$190 psf /
HK$ 563,540 mth
2016-09-05 High Floor 18,000 sq.ft Leased HK$150 psf /
HK$ 2,700,000 mth
2015-10-13 High Floor 2,532 sq.ft Leased HK$155 psf /
HK$ 392,460 mth
2015-10-13 Mid Floor 7,249 sq.ft Leased HK$150 psf /
HK$ 1,087,350 mth
2015-05-20 High Floor 2,248 sq.ft Leased HK$155 psf /
HK$ 348,440 mth
2012-09-18 Low Floor 3,573 sq.ft Leased HK$83 psf /
HK$ 296,559 mth
2012-09-18 High Floor 2,796 sq.ft Leased HK$104 psf /
HK$ 290,448 mth
2012-09-18 Low Floor 1,912 sq.ft Leased HK$88 psf /
HK$ 168,256 mth
2012-09-18 Multi Floor 47,568 sq.ft Leased HK$110 psf /
HK$ 5,232,480 mth
2012-09-18 Mid Floor 20,402 sq.ft Leased HK$94 psf /
HK$ 1,917,788 mth
2012-09-18 High Floor 21,280 sq.ft Leased HK$91 psf /
HK$ 1,936,480 mth
2012-09-18 High Floor 20,322 sq.ft Leased HK$43 psf /
HK$ 871,814 mth

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