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We’re a highly efficient team who delivers customer-focused office property sales and commercial leasing services. Whether you’re from a large multinational or just founded your first start-up, we’re ready to offer.
RealPlus Property aims to providing real estate knowledge and experience to help and benefit multinational companies occupancy and property needs.

International customers and clients are serviced comprehensively by our integrated multicultural staffs who access timely to market real estate information. The RealPlus Property team optimises the viewing and transaction process to enhance business collaboration and performance.

Work as a partner, as a team. When you are thinking about workspace, think about RealPlus Property. It is our mission to make your property transaction a pleasant journey.
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Local Knowledge

When finding a commercial office space in Hong Kong, you need someone who have practical local knowledge to foreseeing potentials, enhance mutual understanding, smoothen property negotiation, and better guided navigation in order to get things done properly. RealPlus Property is a Hong Kong based real estate company who understand the importance of having a good relationship between property owners, prospective purchaser, tenants, and the project team. We are able to understand the common mindsets and cultures to communicate effectively throughout every stage in any property transactions. We thrive to bring harmony to every property transactions.

Licensed Real Estate Agency

RealPlus Property is a registered company with license issued by the Hong Kong Estate Agents Authority under the Estate Agents Ordinance to carry out property agency works in Hong Kong. As part of our work, we introduce and negotiate of commercial property for landlords and tenants, engage them throughout every acquisition or disposal stage.


RealPlus Property specialises in Hong Kong commercial property, delivering real estate agency services. We are trusted by multinational, public-listed companies, local startup entrepreneurs and so much more. Covering commercial space for offices, restaturants, retail/semi-retail space (such as gym, beauty salon, hair salon, education institutes, etc), even residential homes.

We are dedicated to provide businesses and individuals the support they need to buy/sell/lease their commercial real estate to achieve their business goals.




Feel free to navigate our website and learn more about how RealPlus Property can be part of your commercial real estate leasing / selling / purchasing exercise. We also have a Facebook page with some easy to read topics. We continue to expand our presence in the commercial real estate market place, increase our exposure on the internet, social platform, and extend our work in providing professional service to businesses from around the world.

Let us know your greatest plan, and evaluate how we can be part of your new commercial and office projects. Remember, we are commercial rental, office leasing, sale, purchase, and property matters specialist.


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We are good at working together and achieving your goal, let us help you through the overwhelming amount of information you shall encounter during the entire property leasing process. We can make your worklife much easier, smoother, faster.
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