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Our Services

RealPlus Property provides commercial property agency services to businesses and enterprenuers in Hong Kong. We have an extensive coverage of properties for offices, retails, F&Bs, industrial, and commercial space for beauty salon, hair salon, education centre, medical centre, and more.

Our customers’ expectations are very high, always demanding for various options for comparison, and require accurate property information in order to make an informed decision. RealPlus Property provides property agency service covering major business districts all over Hong Kong, aiming to offer business organisations, no matter big or small, the help and assistance they need to deal with their property sales, purchase, rental, or whatever property matters in Hong Kong.

Buy / Sell

Buying office property in Hong Kong
Real estate has always been a popular investment tool for its ability to earn capital gain and receive long-term rental income. For those renting an office space or other commercial premises, owning and self-occupying the property means there is no need to worry about rental spikes or lease expiry or lease termination.

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Selling office property in Hong Kong
Investing in real estate could earn you capital gain, the profit will only be realised only until when the property is being sold. Another reason for selling could be to dispose property and reinvesting in area with higher potential growth, such as buying the conjoining units.

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Renting an office in Hong Kong
Renting a property in Hong Kong is a fast and cost effective way to get your business up and running. Compare to property purchase, renting is low capital involvement, and offers higher flexibility when the business is looking to expand or moving to other locations. RealPlus Property has coverage all around Hong Kong’s major business districts.

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Serviced Office

Serviced office is a community like office spaces fitted with office working tables, office chairs, file cabinets, phone and internet connections, power sockets, lightings, and air-conditioning inside each individual self-contained office space. Serviced office also equipped with meeting rooms, lounge/sitting area, pantry area, office stationery and printing, and other services that enhance the quality of stay at the serviced office.

Serviced office is unmistakably the fastest way to kickstart a business in Hong Kong without having a long lease term, high initial setup costs, and time and effort to build an office from bare-shell condition.

Serviced office is suitable for Hong Kong startup, enterprenuers, project team of 2-50+ persons, and for those who prefer their office to be located in well-managed buildings in prime locations. Let us know how RealPlus Property may assist your plan for a Serviced Office.


Surplus Space

The tenancy agreement is a legal document signed by the landlord and tenant that binding both the landlord and tenant to fulfil their contractual duty in relation to the subject premises.

When a tenant wishes to deviate from its duty or looking to terminate the lease before the lease expires, what options do the tenant have? What are the tenant’s options when the size of the rented space is far more than the business requires? What can the tenant do when the leased space is no longer needed all together?

A replacement tenant may help to resolve the current tenant’s duty to fulfill the tenancy agreement by surrendering the surplus space to the landlord. Contact us to see how RealPlus Property may help you finding a replacement tenant for your property.

Space Planning

In Hong Kong, commercial property sizes are often quoted in square foot, in gross area term. As there is no standardised or commonly adapted definition of any description of floor area in the market for non-residential properties in Hong Kong. It is therefore advisable to take a site visit and site measurement to find out whether the property size, dimensions, and condition are suitable for intended use and purpose.

As a general guide, a medium sized office with high-density layout requires 90-110 sq. ft. of office floor space per person on average. Whereas a low-density layout requires 130-150 sq. ft. per person on average. A small office without meeting room requires 60-70 sq. ft. of space per person. While serviced office suites with shared common facilities are 35-50 sq, ft. per person on average.

RealPlus Property provides space planning specialist to help you estimate the amount of floor space to fit all your staff members, clients, and customers comfortably in your new office.



Listings! Listings! Listings! We want your listings, simple as that.

RealPlus Property specializes in commercial properties in Hong Kong. If you have office properties, retail shop space, industrial and workshop, restaurants (with fitouts, FEHD food / liquor license), or premises suitable for beauty salon, hair salon, education centre, learning centre, medical centre, serviced office centre, and any business space. We are so interested to hearing from you.

Listing with us is easy, you can simply call us at (852) 2886-9850, or leave us a message with our online form and we will contact you shortly, usually within 30-minutes during the office hours.

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